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Dependable Moving Services in the Bay Area

Commercial Moving

Time is always of the essence with commercial moves. From tight turnaround times to last-minute changes, it’s important that the moving company you choose to pack and transport your office furniture, restaurant supplies, or store inventory arrives on time and executes the move flawlessly. That’s exactly what our clients get when choosing Pure Moving Company.

Our commercial moving services are designed to help businesses of all sizes transition seamlessly, whether relocating their offices in the Bay Area or making their way to Los Angeles. Our experienced professionals use specialized tools and techniques to ensure that equipment and furniture are packed securely while being mindful of any time constraints you may have.


Residential Moving

From a small apartment or condominium move in the Bay Area or LA to a large, single-family home with multiple levels, our movers will take great care when packing your belongings. We understand how important it is for these items to arrive safely at their destination, so we pay special attention to every step.

While the journey from Bay Area to LA may not be long enough to be considered a long distance move, it’s pretty close, clocking in at around 378 miles. This means impeccable wrapping and packing skills are necessary to ensure your belongings stay safe over every bump along the way.


Apartment Moving

Whether you’re moving out of a studio apartment in the Bay Area or into one in Hollywood, our apartment movers can get you there without issue! Let us navigate the tight corridors and stairwells so you don’t have to worry about damaging your furniture or belongings.

No matter what kind of house or apartment you’re moving from and to, you can rely on our professional movers to handle your belongings with the utmost care during the wrapping, packing, loading, and unloading process when transporting them from the San Francisco Bay Area to LA.


Full-Service Moving

There’s no doubt about it; moving is stressful! A reliable full-service moving company can take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on settling into your new place in Southern California.

Full-service moving might be right for you if you need extra support. With this option, we provide everything from proper packing materials (bubble wrap? Check!), assistance loading up furniture onto our vehicles, plus unpacking once we arrive at your destination. All of this is provided at a guaranteed rate.

With this option, you’ll never have to lift heavy items on your own or panic when you realize you ran out of tape. We provide everything you need to get to ensure your possessions arrive in LA quickly and safely—and for a reasonable price!


Military Moving

We can effectively assist military personnel with their relocation needs. Our experienced movers are adept at handling even complicated military moves with guaranteed punctuality, ensuring every component is completed well before base gates close. Trust us when we say we’ve got it under control.

Celebrity Moving

We offer specialized celebrity relocation packages so that celebrities can enjoy a hassle-free move between the Bay Area and LA. Our experienced crew will provide discreet, professional moving services to ensure your property is transported safely and securely while ensuring your private moments are kept private!

Seniors Moving

Our movers can also provide senior citizens with special moving packages. We understand that seniors may need additional assistance, and our team is trained to provide extra support when needed, and our rates are highly competitive.

Are you or a senior family member looking to relocate to LA? Fussing about the details of wrapping and packing can be enough to incite panic. Let our dedicated team take care of the details. Not only will we arrive to help you pack your belongings securely, but we’ll handle every other step of the process, including loading, driving, unloading, and unpacking.

Furniture Moving

Whether you’re moving a couch or an entire house of furniture, there’s no one better for the job than our experienced movers. Bay Area to Los Angeles moves completed by our experienced team will have you saying goodbye to careening awkward couches around tight corners and lugging heavy tables up the stairs!

Our relocation experts have extensive experience with moving furniture and know the best ways to navigate difficult spaces. We also understand that furnishings can be tricky to transport, so we take special care when loading and unloading. All of our services are backed by a guarantee of satisfaction.


Packing Services

Packing up your entire life can be a stressful and time-consuming process. It can be one of the most frustrating parts of moving. That’s why our team of experienced professionals is here to make your move easy with our comprehensive packing services. We handle everything from fragile items to oversized furniture and have the expertise and resources to transport your belongings safely.


Welcome to Pure moving company!

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Reliable Bay Area to Los Angeles movers

Los Angeles is a paradise of opportunity with its unique culture, breathtaking scenery, and world-famous attractions. From the iconic Hollywood sign to the stunning beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu, its eclectic atmosphere will captivate anyone who visits this dynamic city. With its year-round warm weather, diverse population, and endless activities, it’s no wonder that Los Angeles continues to be one of the most popular places to live in the world. Moving to LA doesn’t have to be a hassle; all you need is the right Bay Area to Los Angeles movers!

Pure Moving Company provides the ultimate convenience and reliability for your move. With our experienced team of movers, competitive rates, and commitment to superior customer service, you can trust us to make your transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Our Moving Services Include

Our Bay Area to Los Angeles moving company provides reliable and quality service for those moving from Bay Area to Los Angeles. Experienced professionals will ensure each valuable item in your home is safely loaded, transported, and delivered on time, every time. When you hire us, you can also expect:
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Free, Transparent and Accurate Estimates

We realize that moving can be a stressful experience, so we strive to make sure all of our customers are well-informed before the day of the move. This is why we offer free, transparent, and accurate estimates so you know the precise moving costs.

Three movers in green shirts, offering top-notch Moving and Packing Services, push items on dollies across a street in front of a modern apartment building. From Bay Area to Los Angeles

Careful Packing (and Unpacking) Services

Our professional movers are trained in safe and efficient packing practices that ensure all your belongings remain secure during transport. Whether it’s fragile items or bulky furniture, our team takes extra care when wrapping and loading your goods onto the truck. And to help save you time on move-in day, unpacking services are also included in our standard hourly rate.

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Always-On-Schedule Moves

We understand that delays can be costly for many businesses; for this reason, we make sure all moves are completed on schedule and without any surprises along the way. Our experienced logistics experts plan out every detail of your move ahead of time — from proper routes to estimated arrival times — so you can rest assured your company’s assets will arrive at their destination on time.

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Fully Inclusive Pricing, Without Hidden Fees

We believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. This means our customers never get surprised by hidden fees or additional charges after their move is finished. Our services include full coverage with no extra costs, allowing you to stay within budget while getting top-notch service every step of the way.

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Competitive moving costs

We offer a competitive rate for moving from Bay Area to LA, so you can be confident that you are getting the best value for your money.
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A+ Customer Service

At Pure Moving Co., we genuinely care about our customers. Our movers will be more than happy to handle any concerns you may have.
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Guaranteed rate

No hidden costs here! Our Bay Area to Los Angeles movers offer a price quote guarantee, so that you know exactly how much your relocation will cost.
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Packing and Unpacking Services

Our Bay Area to Los Angeles moving company offers comprehensive packing services, so you don't have to worry about how to pack your belongings.
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Trusted experience

Our Bay Area to Los Angeles movers have years of experience helping Californians with moving from Bay Area to Los Angeles with the utmost care and expertise.
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Friendly Pro Movers

Our movers are professionally trained and will guarantee a smooth transition to your new place!
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Great company great guys ! Anthony and Vlad !!! . Everything handled with care and detail . 100% recommended .
MIKE dentes from Bay Area Movers
Absolut great Company. Anthony and his team where awesome!!!! Will book again for any moving needed!!!
Gregy Reisdorf from Bay Area Movers
Anthony and Alex were fantastic. First time using movers and it was overall super smooth and I would definitely hire them again
Alex Cusack from Bay Area Movers
Mark and his crew was awesome, they took care of everything including disassembly and reassembly. They were fast and accommodating. It was a great experience
Aayush Gupta from Bay Area Movers
I just had a move with Anton and his crew and they were the best movers we've had thus far. They were on time, super courteous and extremely careful with all of our furniture. They didn't complain or take any breaks, even moved all of our tough furniture through tight hallways and 3 flights of stairs. Their rates were really good too. We'll definitely hire them again for our next move.
caprice hong from Bay Area Movers
I used this company to move my 1br apartment to another part of the city. The service was great, I didn’t have to lift a finger and prices were reasonable. Mark and his crew did a great job. Highly recommend for any busy professional who is needing a solid moving company.
Eric Gonzalez from Bay Area Movers
Naim and Alex were efficient and fantastic to work with. Would use Pure Moving Company again in the future!
Jane Kang from Bay Area Movers
Moved 2 bedrooms to 2 different locations and made our move day stress-free! Super professional and courteous. Awesome experience!
Bradley Melody from Bay Area Movers
Mark and his crew were super efficient, friendly, and professional. We loved working with them from start to finish. Highly recommend!
Erin Smith from Bay Area Movers
Wow. I've moved with Pure 3 times now, and every time, they've really stepped up to the plate. On this most recent move, my cat went missing. The on site move manager was incredibly helpful, both in hunting for my beloved kitty and in easing my stress. Dude nearly threw out his back trying to help move the washer/dryer 2 in 1 during the hunt. These guys are great movers, but they're even better humans. Every person I've worked with at Pure has helped improve my moving experience. In this most recent move, there was a small billing error and a few dinged up items. One brief call with Frank (general manager) later, and everything's generously taken care of. I'm not one to give glowing reviews like this, but I've spent so many hours working with these guys and they have never failed me. The single time I thought they may have been ignoring me turned out to be an issue with my email server. Thank you Pure for making good out of one of the most stressful moves of my life
Theo Browne from Bay Area Movers
Mark and his crew did a wonderful job!!! Great team work and customer focused!!!
Rosetta Lai from Bay Area Movers
Paul and Anthony did an amazing job moving for me this morning. They were lightning fast and efficient while ensuring everything made it here safely! Honestly the best experience I’ve had with movers!
Anthony Yu from Bay Area Movers
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Pure Moving Company

About Pure Moving

After years of experience, we are always expanding our services to meet the needs of current and future customers. Our transparent pricing coupled with excellent customer service delivers a positive moving experience for clients who can rely on our expertise to safely and efficiently transport their belongings.

Moving can be seamless and simple with us. No matter the size of the move and no matter the distance of the drive, we are equipped to support our customers on any level of service. If you’re asking where I can find professional movers near me, look no further. You’ve found a trusted team of professionals in us.


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Bay Area to Los Angeles Moving Checklist

When you’re moving from the Bay Area to LA, staying organized is important. Here’s a checklist of things you should consider before the move:

Start Early

Planning for a move is never easy, and it can often feel overwhelming if you don’t start early. Give yourself plenty of time to pack all your belongings, research moving companies in your area, find a place to live in Los Angeles and arrange to transport all your items.

Research Moving Companies

Before choosing a moving company, be sure to do your research. Read reviews online and talk to friends who have moved before. Ask any potential movers about their experience and details such as pricing, arrival times, insurance coverage, and more.

Pure Moving Company is here to make your Bay Area to Los Angeles move as easy as possible. Let us show you why we’re the Bay Area to Los Angeles movers you can trust with your valuable belongings. Contact us today for an estimate and start packing!

Pack Smartly

When packing up your items for the move, make sure everything is packed securely and labeled clearly. Color-coded labels or labels with symbols are especially helpful when unpacking so each box can go directly into its designated room. You may also want to consider taking inventory of all items on a spreadsheet beforehand – that way, you’ll know exactly what you’ve got after everything is unloaded from the truck.

Plan Ahead for Unpacking

Once all your items arrive at their new home in Los Angeles, it’s helpful to have an idea of where you want things to go before unboxing them. Carefully examine each room beforehand and plan out which boxes will go where; this will make unpacking much easier on move-in day!

Two movers in green shirts load boxes onto a moving truck parked in a residential street. The truck's back ramp is open with several packed boxes on it. From Bay Area to Los Angeles

Looking for Reliable Bay Area to Los Angeles Movers? Schedule a Consultation Today!

If you’re considering a move to Los Angeles and need help with the process, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Our experienced movers are here to offer advice on your moving needs, including packing, transport, or finding storage solutions.

Give us a call at (415) 919-6497. Visit our office located at 401 Terry Francois St Ste, 110 San Francisco, CA 94158. You can also contact us online.

Don’t wait! Let us make your Los Angeles move an easy and stress-free experience!



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What type of moving services do you offer?

Pure Moving Company offers full-service moving services, including packing, loading, unloading, and delivery. We also offer additional services such as furniture disassembly/reassembly, special item transportation, and storage solutions. We also specialize in next-day moves and long-distance moves, which means that even if you have to get out of dodge or move across the country with very little notice, we can help.

How long does a Bay Area to Los Angeles move typically take?

The exact timeline of your move will depend on various factors, such as the number of items being moved and traffic conditions. On average, most San Francisco to Los Angeles moves take about 10–12 hours. This includes the loading and unloading process. If you hire us for a full-service move or a senior move with included packing and unpacking services, the total time it takes for your move may increase.

What is the cost of a Bay Area to Los Angeles move?

The cost of your Bay Area to Los Angeles move will depend on the size and weight of your items and any additional services you may need. Our experienced movers can provide an accurate quote after assessing your moving needs. The first step in receiving an accurate price quote for your move is to get in touch with our friendly customer service team!

Are you currently looking for reliable Bay Area to Los Angeles movers? Give us a call! We’re happy to walk you through the moving process and elaborate on all that’s included in our inclusive pricing. The sooner you book a professional moving company, the better, so don’t delay—get in contact with our friendly team today!

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