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We made 5000+ moves last year. That’s the population of a small town! Our clients demand nothing but the best! They also want us to be professional, hardworking , honest, careful, reliable, on time, kind, trustworthy and neat!
Guess what?!? We deliver! Just take a look at what some of our previous clients have to say!

Lisa K.
Lisa K.
Yorba Linda, CA
1001 friends
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My experience with Pure Moving Company was simply…. GREAT. I have used many different moving companies in my life time, probably more than the typical person. So I know what I’m talking about when dealing with movers. Many try and take advantage of you whether through pricing or time. But I didn’t feel that at all with Pure Moving Company. They are straight forward, no BS. They had a rep come to the house to do a physical walk through of what I wanted moved, so that the quote is accurate. After about a half hour, they sent me an emailed quote with all the details of the move, the cost, and the cost it would NOT exceed. That’s reassuring, so I am not on pins and needles waiting for them to hurry and finish. Basically, if they were to go over time on what their quote was, they do not tack on more $$ on top of it. To me, that makes the move more relaxing. The move started out awesome, why? because they were ON TIME! No delays, no waiting on them, just ready to get the job done. I gave the 4 men a quick tour of the house, and to my surprise I never had to repeat myself, after my «take this, don’t take that, take this, and that too…» After a few hours, i decided to silently check on them, and what I saw… I was very happy with. They were all straight HUSTLING! Everyone was working as a team, like they have been playing basketball for years together and they have their game plan down. At the end of the move, I was pleasantly surprised that it cost actually less than what I thought!

I’m just really grateful for Pure Moving Company, and especially to my movers Roman, Vova, Aleksey, and Sasha. They were friendly, fast, and efficient…. No B.S.

Thanks guys! I will be using you guys for any moves from now on! :)

William L.
William L.
Los Angeles, CA
443 friends
89 reviews

The last time we moved, we carried our furniture and other things to and from the uhual truck and killing my back!!! This was a better idea. We got a nice house and it was a clear decision to get movers. A friend told me that He used Pure moving company so I decided to check them out.

We did some research and asked for a few quotes before going with Pure. I spoke with Jan on the phone, who gave us a fair price and was responsive and very professional taking down all our information and situation.

The day of, a four mover team appeared in our driveway right on schedule. We called them «J» team: John, Jake, Jerrie and Jaggatashin.

It was like a magic when 2 weeks of packing disappeared into their truck in about 3 hours. The furniture wrapping/loading took another 2 hours and we were on the road. At the new location, we just had to tell them where to put everything! From door to door, this move took maybe 8 hours.

It was the biggest move of our lives and the calm part was the move itself! thanks to these guys. Best movers around here!

Rafael D.
Rafael D.
Rafael D. La Puente, CA
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Elite '2016

Better late than sorry for a review! lol

I felt terrible about moving a couple of years back, once I called the company they made me feel really comfortable. The gentleman on the phone sounded very professional and confident about what he was doing and since it was a 4 bedroom house that I we were moving out from — we scheduled an on site estimate.

My move took 2 days to be completed. Obviously it was a lot of things that we have gathered over the years. I have a collection of small statues, ceramics and other miscellaneous items, that hold both a great significant and material value.

When the estimator came, (I’m sorry I forgot his name) we looked through the entire house. Took about an hour. We have 3 kids living here, so stuff is everywhere. More than anything, a lot of anime figures and collectibles lol but he did get a clear picture what needed to get done.

So the first day, we had 5 guys with a whole lot of boxes and bubble wrap come by. Took them a full day to pack everything once they got into the kitchen and my room, where I store my collection. I’ve got to say I was not sure they’re doing the right thing of how they pack until the end of my move. Nothing was broken, everything stayed in one piece, I mean not even a plate or glass! I was very impressed. Nathan, Art, Colton, Jeff and Brian worked as a team throughout the process.

They prepared everything the day before. Wrapped all the furniture in blankets and plastic wrap. They wrapped all my paintings and TVs in to cardboard and bubble wrap. Everything looked so nicely packed! I remember moving into the house back in the day and it was a good move, but nothing as good compared to this.

I have a very big sectional, it’s bulky and heavy, because of the recliner, but they guys grabbed it like nothing. They disassembled the beds on the move day, covered the box springs and mattresses. I can go all day listing what they did, but one thing for sure everything was top notch.

The best part about everything is that they beat the time that was estimated to me. The packing day did take the full day, but the move was done 3 hours faster than anticipated!!!

Couldn’t have asked for a better service! I certainly recommend them to anyone looking for movers that actually care for what they do!

Nazar B.
Nazar B.
Los Angeles, CA
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138 reviews
Elite '2016

I am so glad I was able to find this guys and get a quote for their services. We hired them for a local 3 bedroom residential move. The movers arrived right on time we were scheduled (they called in advance to confirm) and got right away to the job in a friendly and efficient manner.

Mario, Mirco and Pastore worked from start to finish! They took great care with wrapping and transporting my things, were courteous in getting every piece to the right rooms, asked us if we needed any other assistance with furniture that needed to be moved or reassembled. They really were on top of quality service.

Mario came in to check the move situation and I showed him through the rooms to do so. He then told us they were ready to start the move and were quickly prepped. He notified me of the start time and truly, this man and his crew blew me away with their efficient and timely work. They took care to wrap every single piece of furniture and TVs, boxed some small stuff and a lot of fragile from the kitchen and dining room.

This movers were so professional and made things so effortless and as pain-free as possible for a move! They got the job done under the estimate and I felt like we really had a quality and honest company behind it.

This is the moving company I would recommend for anyone looking for moving assistance!

Thanks pure movers! I will call you for my next move!

Naomi P.
Naomi P.
Los Angeles, CA
21 friends
17 reviews

I have hired this company twice and had positive experiences each time, so figured it’s time to leave a glowing review!

First move:
Moved from a 800 sq ft 1 bedroom apartment within DTLA to another 1 bedroom apartment in DTLA. I hired 2 movers and the move took 3 hours (which is their minimum) and was very efficient. I did pack all my things neatly in boxes, so I did not use them for packing services.

2nd move:
Moved from a 900 sq ft 1 bedroom apartment within DTLA to a 1 bedroom apartment in Santa Monica. This time I hired 3 movers to do the job — I was initially worried because the new apartment had a bunch of stairs that the movers had to navigate through, but they were able to maneuver around with no problem! The move took 5.25 hours total, with the double drive time that they mention on their website for longer distances. We also packed our things in boxes, so we did not need additional loose item packing.

All in all, both times were VERY stress-free moves….the hubby and I even had time to enjoy dinner/drinks in our new neighborhood by the end of the day! We hope we don’t have to move again anytime soon, but if we do, we know who we’re calling!