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Well reviewed and highly trusted
Well reviewed and highly trusted

Thousands of positive reviews online on Yelp!, Google, and Angie’s list speak for themselves — you are in the right hands!

First class customer service
First class customer service

We are here to help with any question that may arise before, during and after the move!

Licensed and Insured
Licensed and Insured

Peace of mind is our priority for you. You don’t need to cross your fingers with us. Consummate professionals, we do everything by the book and take good care to deliver your belongings securely and efficiently.

Kate M.
Los Angeles, CA
Kate M.
254 friends
407 reviews
Elite '2016
  • Everything arrived perfectly intact, including my shiny upright piano.
  • No surcharge for said piano, which isn’t exactly light.
  • We have a small dog that was really stressed out by the move and whined a lot, but the guys were really sweet to her and didn’t say anything about the added noise.
Alli P.
Los Angeles, CA
Alli P.
342 friends
91 reviews
Elite '2016

While I had an immense ammount of crap to move, they were very accommodating as they boxed, moved, and unpacked while still remaining pleasant even though I’m sure they wanted to hit me with their moving truck. Great experience, great moving company!

Rafael D.
Rafael D. La Puente, CA
Rafael D.
1509 friends
287 reviews
Elite '2016

The best part about everything is that they beat the time that was estimated to me. The packing day did take the full day, but the move was done 3 hours faster than anticipated!!!

Couldn’t have asked for a better service! I certainly recommend them to anyone looking for movers that actually care for what they do!

Nazar B.
Los Angeles, CA
Nazar B.
26 friends
138 reviews
Elite '2016

This movers were so professional and made things so effortless and as pain-free as possible for a move! They got the job done under the estimate and I felt like we really had a quality and honest company behind it.

Naomi P.
Los Angeles, CA
Naomi P.
21 friends
17 reviews

All in all, both times were VERY stress-free moves....the hubby and I even had time to enjoy dinner/drinks in our new neighborhood by the end of the day! We hope we don’t have to move again anytime soon, but if we do, we know who we’re calling!

Freeman W.
Seal Beach, CA
Freeman W.
7 reviews

These are PROFESSIONAL movers. They were actually amazing to watch because they worked great together, did such a speedy job wrapping things and were gentle with all my stuff yet were total studs when it came to the heavy stuff. Oh, and did I mention they were nice, polite, well groomed, and ALWAYS said please and thank you?

Chanel P.
Los Angeles, CA
Chanel P.
50 friends
48 reviews

They did it with ease, and left. After hearing plenty of moving horror stories (I used to work in the moving business), I can safely say that if you’re moving residential and local, these guys are almost the price of a uhaul rental, and to boot: you don’t have to lift anything.

Garri T.
Burbank, CA
Garri T.
91 friends
26 reviews

Overall my moving experience was AMAZING!!! I actually enjoyed the process I thought I was going to hate it.

I would recommend anyone to use Pure moving company and I would recommend the team that I had to work on your move.

Lisa K.
Yorba Linda, CA
Lisa K.
1001 friends
23 reviews

My experience with Pure Moving Company was simply.... GREAT. I have used many different moving companies in my life time, probably more than the typical person. So I know what I’m talking about when dealing with movers. Many try and take advantage of you whether through pricing or time. But I didn’t feel that at all with Pure Moving Company. They are straight forward, no BS.

Kent S.
West Covina, CA
Kent S.
25 reviews

At the end, all my furniture was where it exactly should be, all my clothes hanged in my closets, all my boxes distributed just the way I wanted.

Hopefully I will never have to move again but if I do I will call Pure Moving!

William L.
Los Angeles, CA
William L.
443 friends
89 reviews
It was the biggest move of our lives and the calm part was the move itself! thanks to these guys. Best movers around here!
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Moving in Garden Grove
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Services that we offer at this location:

  • Full-service residential and commercial moves.
  • Local and long-distance moving.
  • Packing services.
  • Same-day and last-minute moves
  • Furniture moving.
  • Military moves.
  • Celebrity relocation.
  • And more!

Professional Movers in Garden Grove

Looking for experienced movers in Garden Grove, California? We will be more than happy to assist you. As your local Garden Grove moving company, we strive to provide the best services to those who want the industry's most qualified, dedicated and reliable movers. Whether you're planning a local move, office move, cross-country move, or last-minute moving services, our professional moving services will be able to help you.

Our customers are made up of families, business owners and individuals all looking for the same thing: The best possible move for the best possible price. For years now, we've prided ourselves on being able to offer great moving services in Garden Grove, CA, for affordable rates. We continue to be a successful Garden Grove moving company because our team and staff consist of moving professionals who are extensively trained and get the job done right the first time.

Top-Notch Services From Experienced Movers in Garden Grove

Rest assured that our team's adept Garden Grove movers treat your belongings with the utmost diligence. Here are the services you can anticipate when engaging with Pure Moving Company.

Interstate Movers and Neighborhood Relocation

Even though local moves encompass shorter distances compared to long-distance relocations, they demand equivalent precision, meticulous packing, and adept furniture handling during loading and unloading. We offer dependable movers within Garden Grove, catering to both residential and commercial clientele. Our Garden Grove movers excel in skillfully packing and loading all your belongings, irrespective of their dimensions. Our familiarity with the LA region is second nature, guaranteeing proficient assistance for planning and conducting local moves.

Long-Distance Moving Services

Whether your affection for California makes the thought of departing unthinkable or you're ready to explore fresh horizons in another state, our dependable Garden Grove movers are at your service. Furthermore, we can oversee interstate moves to your complete satisfaction. As your long-distance movers, we keep you updated throughout the process, ensuring you're always aware of the whereabouts of your valued possessions and their expected arrival at your new residence.

All-Inclusive Residential Moving Services

Whether they cover long distances or short hops, residential moves often come with their share of apprehension. Packing up all your household possessions and observing them being loaded onto a truck can cause stress, even for the most composed individuals. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Our reliable Garden Grove movers strive to provide a move devoid of stress and an outright enjoyable experience. We take care of the intricacies, allowing you to direct your attention to other matters while completely trusting that every detail will be managed accurately and punctually.

Commercial Relocation

For business owners, the responsibilities are already substantial. Adding the intricacies of orchestrating commercial moves and ensuring that everything unfolds according to plan need not be an extra burden you shoulder alone. Our Garden Grove movers have successfully handled numerous commercial office relocations and moves for diverse business types, such as eateries and retail establishments. From cubicles, office furniture, and computer systems to specialized machinery and merchandise inventory, our corporate moving expertise ensures your business move is executed correctly.

Exceptional Moving Services

At Pure Moving Company, an extensive array of moving services in Garden Grove awaits you. From expert packing and secure loading to seamless relocation and storage solutions, our team of Garden Grove movers is committed to guiding you through every phase of your move, guaranteeing a streamlined and hassle-free journey. Our objective is to simplify your move to the utmost extent, which is why we provide nearly every service necessary for a successful relocation. We provide the boxes, delicately encase your possessions, and adeptly navigate furniture through narrow doorways in your new residence. With us, the moving experience becomes an almost enjoyable endeavor!

Specialty Moves

Apartment Relocation: Navigating apartment moves can pose challenges. Our Garden Grove moving company has the expertise to smoothly and securely transport your belongings to and from diverse spaces—from cozy studios along Garden Grove Pier to more expansive 2-bedroom apartments in different Californian cities. Whether you lean towards minimalism or have meticulously filled a studio with your personal possessions, we are here to assist you in packing and seamlessly transferring them to your new apartment.

Military Relocation: When it comes to military relocation, our Garden Grove movers are well-equipped to offer comprehensive services. Whether you're an active duty or retired armed forces member, you can rely on Pure Moving to grasp and address your unique needs. From handling paperwork to providing packing services, our movers ensure a seamless move for you. Should you require short-term storage, we can securely store any belongings not needed at your new destination. When it's time to return, we'll efficiently transport everything back to your home.

Senior Relocation: Moving seniors requires a delicate approach. Our Garden Grove movers understand the unique requirements of older adults and offer tailored services to suit their specific situations. We ensure a stress-free moving experience and accommodate special requests like packing delicate items or disassembling furniture. This approach brings peace of mind to seniors and their loved ones, assuring them that their possessions will be handled and transported with precision and care.

Celebrity Relocation: High-profile individuals often demand specialized Garden Grove moving services. Our expert Garden Grove movers are fully prepared to tackle any scenario, discreetly delivering exceptional relocation assistance while safeguarding your privacy and security. Be it a local move or an interstate transition, we handle your relocation with utmost discretion. During celebrity relocation, our seasoned movers respect your privacy as diligently as they do your belongings, working swiftly to settle you comfortably in your new abode.

Experience Seamless Relocation with Our Garden Grove Moving Company

Pure Moving Company is your trusted partner for moving along the West Coast, offering many solutions to simplify your relocation experience. Our comprehensive services encompass every facet, from meticulous packing and secure loading onto our advanced fleet to secure transportation, unloading of furniture, and even aiding in setup at your new destination. Entrust your prized possessions to our team of skilled movers and enjoy a move defined by accuracy and attentiveness, all at competitive rates that establish us as a cost-efficient option. Allow us to illuminate why making us your choice for long-distance moving is a decision you'll be content with.

  • Devoted Customer Satisfaction: Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable and always prepared to address your queries and oversee any demands you may present. Effective and clear communication is our pledge, as we keep you informed throughout each phase of the process and promptly attend to any inquiries that emerge. Our steadfast dedication to delivering extensive and excellent customer service distinguishes us from the competition.

  • Exceptional Solutions: Our approach surpasses the ordinary by providing meticulous and comprehensive estimates that prove invaluable in your moving budget planning. Our commitment to openness ensures you can foresee and allocate your finances without encountering any unpleasant surprises. By presenting competitive and transparent long-distance moving quotations, we pave the way for an uncomplicated and transparent experience on your part.

  • Customized Scheduling: Flexibility lies at the core of our services. We comprehend that your moving plans may adhere to specific timelines, and we are dedicated to accommodating your requirements with adaptable scheduling. Our team flexibly adjusts to your distinct timeline, ensuring punctual and efficient services that seamlessly align with your needs.

  • Professional Packing Services: Recognizing the significance of safeguarding your possessions, our adept packers handle your belongings with the utmost caution, ensuring their security during transit. We can even provide the packing boxes and packing materials. Count on our trustworthy packing services, designed per industry standards, to guarantee the secure arrival of your belongings at your new abode.

  • Efficient Furniture Relocation: From a cherished antique to an entire lounge adorned with sofas, our furniture moving services will leave you impressed. Our proficient Garden Grove movers specialize in furniture relocation, guaranteeing secure and punctual delivery of your items. Our capabilities encompass things of all sizes, from petite individual pieces to substantial collections of large furniture.

  • Cutting-Edge Fleet: Our state-of-the-art trucks are outfitted with the latest safety and security features. Embracing advanced technology, we provide real-time tracking of our vehicles, granting you peace of mind as your cherished belongings are transported securely. Our skilled drivers undergo rigorous training, assuring the safety of your treasured items throughout the entirety of the long-distance journey.

  • Rapid Same-Day Moving: Unexpected situations demand quick solutions. Our Garden Grove moving company offers efficient same-day services to complete your move swiftly. Our experts handle packing, transportation, unloading, and even short-term storage if needed. We ensure a prompt and hassle-free moving experience, getting you where you need to be quickly and precisely.

Serving Our Local Communities

Having a local moving company familiar with the intricacies of your neighborhood can be invaluable. When you choose us, you're enlisting a team deeply acquainted with your locale and destination. Pure Moving Company takes pride in catering to Garden Grove's community and neighboring areas. Our top-notch moving services extend to:

Frequently Asked Questions About Movers in Garden Grove

How Far in Advance Should I Schedule Movers in Garden Grove?

The ideal timing to schedule your move depends on several factors, including the time of year, the size of your move, and the availability of moving companies. Here are some general guidelines to consider:

  • Local Moves (within the same city or nearby): For local moves, it's often recommended to schedule your move at least 4–6 weeks in advance. This provides enough time to research moving companies, get quotes, and secure a booking. However, if you're moving during a busy season (like the summer months), consider booking even earlier, as moving companies might have limited availability.

  • Long-Distance Moves (across different cities or states): Long-distance moves typically require more planning. It's advisable to start the process around 2–3 months before your desired move date. This allows ample time to obtain quotes from various moving companies, compare services, and make necessary arrangements. Long-distance moves involve more logistics, so booking in advance ensures you have a better chance of securing your preferred moving date.

  • Peak Moving Seasons: Remember that moving companies are often busier during certain times of the year, such as the summer months (May to September) and the end or beginning of the month. If your move falls within these peak seasons or around holidays, it's wise to schedule as far in advance as possible, possibly 2–3 months ahead.

  • Last-Minute Moves: While planning ahead is optimal, sometimes circumstances necessitate a last-minute move. In such cases, contact moving companies as soon as you know your move date, even if it's just a few weeks away. Keep in mind that availability might be limited, especially during busy periods.

Ultimately, the key is booking your moving company as soon as you have a confirmed date. This helps ensure you can secure the services of a reputable moving company like Pure Moving Company.

What's the Price for Movers in Garden Grove?

The actual cost of your move hinges on its size and distance. Our pricing is customized to your specific requirements. Whether you're seeking a compact or a more extensive move, we adapt our prices to match your needs.

The expense is influenced by the level of assistance you're seeking. Whether it's packing your first box in your previous residence, transferring it to your new home, or assisting with select furniture items, we're here to help. We accommodate your budget no matter what you have in mind for your move.

Our estimates come without charge, and we provide an accurate assessment after considering the dimensions of your move, the distance to your new destination, and any special criteria. For a precise understanding of the budget needed for your unique move, connect with our esteemed team. We'll guide you through every aspect of the moving process, offering insights into packing and unpacking services, insurance options, and more.

Are There Restrictions on Items for Your Movers in Garden Grove?

Our skilled movers can handle virtually anything in a typical home. However, there are specific items and substances that legal regulations prevent us from transporting. This includes explosives, specific weaponry, ammunition, highly flammable substances like bottled gases or gasoline, and toxic or hazardous materials.

If you possess an item that raises concerns about its transport legality, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to assist. We'll gladly assess the situation to ensure the item aligns with the lawful transportation regulations set forth by the state of California.

Moving Somewhere? Your Trusted Movers in Garden Grove Await!

Impressed by what you've discovered about Pure Moving Company? Count on us as your dependable movers in Garden Grove, whether you're orchestrating a move months ahead or require an urgent relocation. With extensive moving services and convenient nationwide coverage, we deliver unparalleled assistance to our esteemed clients.

Bid farewell to moving woes – Pure Moving Company ensures a smooth journey. Rely on our proficient movers to ensure the success of your move. Contact our friendly staff today for a complimentary moving estimate. Our amiable team of movers can ensure your relocation is effortless.