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Dependable Santa Ana Movers

If you have lived in Santa Ana, Orange County, for many years, you are probably familiar with the friendly urban-suburban vibe. Parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and all the other local amenities are only within arm’s reach. Plus, you are surrounded by cultural diversity, art, high-quality education systems, and more. Whether you are moving to or from Santa Ana, California, look no further than Pure Moving Company. Our dependable Santa Ana movers are committed to providing an exceptional moving experience. If you are already too stressed about organizing every little detail of your relocation, rest assured that our team offers convenient full-service packages. From packing, loading, and transportation to unloading, furniture assembly and more, our professional movers in Santa Ana will guarantee a stress-free move.

Are you planning a residential or long-distance move? Or do you need tips and ideas on successfully arranging your future relocation? If so, trust us as your Santa Ana moving company to move you safely to your new home. Moving is almost fun if you hire the right team of movers in Santa Ana to make the journey worthwhile. Give us a call at (323) 916-4206 to discuss your plans, and we guarantee to have all your questions answered and perhaps even a date for your move!

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What Our Santa Ana Movers Can Do for You

Most people struggle because they don’t ask for help, assuming they only need a rental truck that can also tow their vehicular device. This might make sense if you’re a devoted minimalist. But if you have a family, you’ll likely go through various items, such as old kids’ toys, electronics, and furniture. If decluttering is too much of a job for you, our Santa Ana movers have no problem packing it all up neatly and carefully.

All we care about is helping you through the process of your relocation project from start to finish, ensuring a top-notch experience. When you hire a Santa Ana moving company, you want the assurance that they are experienced professionals who can move mountains (not literally!). You want licensed and insured experts who deliver premium customer service and know how to handle your personal belongings with utmost care. At Pure Moving Co., we always deliver efficient solutions to every relocation project. We have the capacity to accommodate a wide range of services designed to meet your needs:

Relocate Locally

Perhaps you’re not moving all that far, but you want to move closer to the Santa Ana Zoo, or you want easier access to Newport Beach, where you work. Or maybe you just purchased a home because you no longer want to throw money into renting a property. No matter the reason, our Santa Ana movers handle local moves with a high level of efficiency. Consider the job done professionally in a day with zero interruptions.


We understand that long-distance moves involve planning months ahead. It’s more than just moving over 400 miles away from where you live. There are many little details you want to dedicate your time to besides packing. Trust us, we understand! That’s why our long-distance movers in Santa Ana want you to take that time to reflect before you hop on this long journey. From organizing your valuables to packing and loading them onto the truck, our Santa Ana movers ensure a seamless transition.


Are you relocating from one residential home to another? Whether it’s from an apartment to a house or vice versa, our residential moving service encompasses local and long-distance moves. We refer to these as residential, as we’ll primarily be handling household items, such as furniture, electronics, laundry and kitchen appliances.


Unlike residential relocations, commercial moves deal with a much bigger volume where pre-planning procedures, such as advance labeling, are of high importance. “Packing up your business” comes in many crucial steps. This includes your employees packing up their workstations, followed by your Santa Ana movers providing pre-labeled boxes and crates. During the commercial move, our full-service movers will transfer your business belongings safely and efficiently and even help unpack and reassemble your office furniture.


Some people might think that apartment moving is a walk in the park, but that’s far from the truth. Whether you live in a 700-square-foot apartment or a 3-bedroom condominium, it’s not unusual to accumulate things that are difficult to move. How are you supposed to move an L-shaped couch or safely make your valuable artwork fit in a busy elevator? If you currently live on the top floor, you’ll need to arrange a move-out date with your property manager way in advance to ensure a smooth apartment relocation. Speaking of a walk in the park, our Santa Ana movers are pros at furniture disassembly and making items fit in the elevator. So all you’ll have to do is enjoy one last drink before waving goodbye to your old place.

Celebrity Relocations

In your everyday life as a celebrity, you need privacy and boundaries. It’s nobody’s business if you decide to relocate or move your personal belongings from A to B. Our Santa Ana movers are experienced in exercising a high level of confidentiality for celebrities. We maintain a low profile at all times while still delivering the highest quality of service. When you hire the pros at Pure Moving Company Orange County, expect discretion and professionalism all the way during the celebrity relocation service.

Military Moving

At Pure Moving, we provide Personally Procured Moves (PPM), which are often referred to as “Do-it-yourself” moves. What’s even more convenient is that military service members are compensated up to 95% by the U.S. Armed Forces. Our Santa Ana movers will ensure that your authorized expenses are backed by the correct receipts and paperwork, ensuring a safe and sound transition. Feel free to contact us at (323) 916-4206 to learn more about the PPM guidelines.

Senior Transfer

When you’ve reached your golden age, the last thing you want to deal with is handling any moving activities and putting more strain on your back and joints. Our reliable Santa Ana movers will help you relocate safely. All you’ll need to do is give us direct instructions on how you want things packed and moved. Our senior transfers are designed to facilitate the process, keeping it as low-stress as possible.

Our Santa Ana Movers Also Help With:

Not all moving types are easy to categorize; in fact, you can often combine them with one another. Additionally, our Santa Ana movers can help you with the following services:

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Well reviewed and highly trusted

Thousands of positive reviews online on Yelp!, Google, and Angie’s list speak for themselves — you are in the right hands!
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We really care!

We truly care that much. Not just about your stuff, but also about making your last day in your old home as good as your first in the new one.
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First class customer service

We are here to help with any question that may arise before, during and after the move!
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Moving is almost FUN!

We believe moving shouldn’t be stressful — What?!? With us it’s almost FUN!
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Fully Insured and Licensed

The California Public Utility Commission licensed Pure Moving, so you know our office moving services are cost-effective and safe. We also carry full liability to protect everyone involved in your move.
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Friendly Pro Movers

Our movers are professionally trained and will guarantee a smooth transition to your new place!
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Couldn't have asked for more! What a moving experience! All the best guys. Keep up the good job!
Jessie Pridemore from Orange county Movers
We were super happy with Pure movers!!! Great customer service. I couldn't imagine how carefully movers did their job! No damages or any issues.
Jacinto Elum from Orange county Movers
We just moved this past weekend with Pure movers. The guys showed up on time, worked hard, and got me out of my old place into my new apartment faster than I had expected. I hope I don't have to move again for a long time, but if I did, I would definitely rebook with Pure movers!
Lisa Briggs from Orange county Movers
I cannot recommend these guys enough! I have used them 3 times for moving in LA and they always over deliver. Super professional and nice, efficient and hardworking, and they go above and beyond. My dresser has been assembled wrong and when they brought it to my new apartment, they redid the assembly so one of the drawers would fit properly. Very transparent in pricing and the quality is fantastic! They make moving stress free
Caitlin Tittl from Orange county Movers
We had a great experience with Pure company. This was a second time we had used them and I would highly recommend them ! I really can't say enough good things. Definitely 5 stars.
Elena Shieh from Orange county Movers
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Pure Moving Company

About Pure Moving

After years of experience, we are always expanding our services to meet the needs of current and future customers. Our transparent pricing coupled with excellent customer service delivers a positive moving experience for clients who can rely on our expertise to safely and efficiently transport their belongings.

Moving can be seamless and simple with us. No matter the size of the move and no matter the distance of the drive, we are equipped to support our customers on any level of service. If you’re asking where I can find professional movers near me, look no further. You’ve found a trusted team of professionals in us.


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Why Choose Pure Moving as Your Santa Ana Moving Company?

Our top priority is fantastic customer experience and nothing more. Our company’s principles are solely built upon premium customer service. Inspired by exceptional customer reviews, our Santa Ana team is always committed to going the extra mile to make the moving experience fun and enjoyable.

Furthermore, we care about cost transparency at Pure Moving. For this reason, we provide free on-site estimates, aiming to offer competitive and affordable prices to our clients. When you hire reliable Santa Ana movers, you want to know every step of the process, and you don’t want a surprise once you receive the bill.

Here’s what makes us stand out from the other Santa Ana moving companies:

  • We work according to your schedule, not ours
  • We offer a full range of moving services, so you can leave every detail to us
  • You’ll see no hidden fees: Your moving quote is what you pay
  • Benefit from our premium customer service, and we’ll show you that moving can be fun!

As your local Santa Ana movers, we have nothing to hide from our customers. We are here to facilitate your journey and are thrilled and honored to be a small part of the ride. If you are ready to get started, call our professional movers in Santa Ana at (323) 916-4206!

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Areas We Serve

We don’t just minimize our services to Santa Ana. Other popular areas we serve include:

Don’t see your city? There is a high chance that we’re only down the road from you. Call (323) 916-4206 today to find out.

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Hire Our Santa Ana Movers for a Stress-Free Moving Experience!

Our expert Santa Ana movers are ready to take your service request. Whether you plan to move from Santa Ana to San Diego or even out of the state of California, choose our professional moving services to help you get there with ease. We have every item of furniture and other bulky items under control, so all you have to do is call (323) 916-4206 and get started.

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Useful Resources to be Prepared for your Santa Ana Move

Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce
Santa Ana Official Government Website
Santa Ana Hospitals



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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Santa Ana Movers?

The cost will depend on the type of relocation. For instance, long-distance moving requires more driving and therefore adds up to the cost of fuel. On the other hand, local relocations are primarily about packing. The cost of expensive furniture and antique transportation could also vary greatly from standard residential relocations, where you might spend more on insurance packages. For more detailed information in regard to pricing, we highly recommend that you give us a call at (323) 916-4206 to discuss your unique situation.

Are Your Santa Ana Movers Licensed and Insured?

Yes, every team member is fully insured and licensed, bringing many years of experience serving our company. Moreover, we do not outsource our contractors, so we know our team as well as our friends. Our trained and licensed Santa Ana movers are committed to executing your move hassle-free.

What Are You Unable to Transport?

There is a list of hazardous items that cannot be transported according to the law. Plus, our company also has the right to reject transferring items we believe pose a high risk or are deemed unsafe. Generally, we do not transport:

  • Gas, explosives, and highly flammable items
  • Ammunition and firearms
  • Chemical hazards
  • Drugs
  • Live things

If you don’t see your item listed, feel free to call us to inquire.

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