Packing checklist: How to pack to move house?

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Moving can be overwhelming and stressful, but proper planning and organization can make a huge difference in ensuring a smooth transition. From choosing the right moving company to packing your belongings efficiently, every step plays a vital role in reducing stress and ensuring that your move is successful. Not everyone knows how to properly pack their home for a move, but with the right strategy and resources, you can make sure each step is done correctly.

To assist you, Pure Moving Company will dive deep into the topic of packing a house to move. You can expect to find practical advice, helpful packing tips for moving house, and a comprehensive checklist that will steer you through the process to ensure you are well-prepared for your move. We want to help you manage packing like a pro and ensure your belongings arrive at their destination safe and sound.

Follow our guide’s tips for packing to move house to ensure an anxiety-free moving experience.

Prepare all necessary supplies

Before packing, you must ensure you have all the necessary supplies. This includes sturdy boxes in various sizes, packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, markers for labeling boxes, and scissors. Having all of these supplies on hand will help you pack like a pro and ensure your belongings are safe and secure during the move. Stock up on all these essentials well before your moving date.

Prepare a moving checklist

Creating a moving checklist is an integral part of the packing process. A moving checklist helps you keep track of all the tasks that need to be completed before, during, and after your move. Start by listing tasks such as closing utility accounts, contacting pro movers for quotes, and coordinating with storage facilities if needed. Pure Moving Company can help you with all your packing and moving needs.

Hire a moving company

Pure Moving Company can help make your move easier and less stressful. We offer certified, professional movers trained to handle all aspects of the moving process, from loading and unloading items to packing and unpacking. Our experienced team will provide you with a free quote for any move. And if you need help packing for moving house, we would be happy to assist!

Sort & take inventory of your belongings

Before you can begin to pack, you need to sort and take inventory of all your belongings. Start by going through each room of your house. Make sure to note any fragile or valuable items that may require extra care when packing and moving. This will help you determine the size and number of boxes you need.

Get rid of unwanted items

One of the best tips for packing to move house is to get rid of any items you don’t need. This will help reduce the number of things that need to be packed and moved, resulting in a lighter load and fewer boxes. Consider donating or selling any items you no longer have a use for.

Start packing ahead of time

As soon as you’ve finalized your moving date and hired a professional mover, it’s time to start packing. Begin by packing the items that you don’t use on an everyday basis, such as seasonal items, books, or decorations. Start with one room at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. When packing fragile items, use bubble wrap or foam for extra protection, and be sure to label your boxes clearly. If you’re wondering how early you should start packing, we recommend at least one month in advance.

Pack room by room

If you’re wondering about how to pack house for moving,  it’s important to remember to pack room by room. This will help you keep track of everything and not miss any items. Start with the least used areas of your home, such as guest rooms or storage closets. Pack essential items like toiletries and clothing last so they are easily accessible as you move into your new home. When packing breakable items, make sure to place them at the top of the box and fill any empty spaces. And if you have any furniture that needs to be disassembled or reassembled, keep all the screws and bolts in a separate labeled container.

Label boxes thoughtfully

Labeling boxes is a crucial step in the packing process. Clearly label each box with the room it belongs to as well as what’s inside. That way, you can quickly find items when unpacking and avoid wasting time searching through boxes. Example: “Kitchen – dishes, towels, dishcloths.”  This will also help your professional movers transport the right boxes to the right room, making unloading the truck much more efficient and easier for you.

Use the right size boxes

If you’re packing a house to move, it’s important to use the right size boxes. Avoid overloading any box with too many items, as this can result in broken or damaged items during transport. When possible, fill boxes with like-items and stack them neatly on top of one another for easy transporting. Sturdy boxes are also necessary, as they help keep your belongings safe during the move. Pure Moving Company can supply you with all the boxes, wrapping materials, and other supplies needed for your move. Just get in touch and let us know what you need!

Pack important documents together

Be sure to keep important documents like passports, birth certificates, and insurance paperwork in a secure bag or container. This will ensure they don’t get lost while moving and can be easily accessed when you arrive at your new home. It would be terrible to lose vital documents when you’re in the middle of moving house, so taking the time to store them securely is essential.

Pack dishes and glasses using containers or towels

Securely wrap all dishes and glasses in packing paper or bubble wrap. To add an extra layer of protection, you can also place them in containers such as plastic bins or dish packs. Be sure to line the bottom with folded towels or blankets so they don’t move around during transport. For added protection, consider investing in specialized moving supplies such as mattress covers and furniture pads to help prevent damage from scratches.

Prevent packed bottles from leaking

There are a few things you can do to prevent bottles from leaking during your move. Be sure to secure all caps tightly and wrap each bottle in several layers of packing paper or bubble wrap. You can also place items like shampoo or lotion bottles in sealed plastic bags to avoid unwanted spills while they’re being transported. If possible, consider placing items like these in your car or using a separate box for transport.

Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes

When packing for moving house, it’s important to make sure there are no empty spaces in your boxes. Fill any extra space with bubble wrap or packing paper to prevent your items from shifting and getting damaged. This will also help ensure that boxes are not too heavy for movers to transport. Taking the time to properly pack will save you from unnecessary headaches on moving day.

Leave clothes on hangers

Here’s a pro-moving trick: leave your clothes on their hangers. This will help you avoid folding and unfolding them, as well as save packing time. Use a garment rack or wardrobe box to transport the hung clothing and keep your clothing organized during the move. Understanding the importance of careful moving planning and packing is key to ensuring a successful whole house move.

Dispose of hazardous materials

When packing a house to move, be sure to safely dispose of any hazardous materials like paint, aerosol cans, and motor oil. These items should never be packed or transported with the rest of your belongings. Being mindful of what you’re packing and double-checking each box before it’s loaded onto the moving truck is an important moving safety precaution. Environmental regulations vary from state to state, so be sure to research the specific rules for any disposals that you need to make.

Keep the essentials with you

Pack an overnight bag or suitcase with a few essential items. This should include toiletries, a change of clothing, snacks, and any other items you may need, like your phone charger or medications. This will ensure that you have easy access to all the items you need on your first night in your new home before you have a chance to unpack. With the right packing tips for moving house, you and your belongings will arrive safely at your new home.


When researching how to pack house for a move, careful planning and organization are crucial, as highlighted in this comprehensive packing checklist that includes all the essential items you need for a successful move. Efficient packing techniques, organizing your belongings by room, and labeling boxes are all things to keep in mind when you are relocating. 

Now that you know these simple steps for how to pack for moving house, you can ensure that your items are packed safely and securely so they arrive undamaged at your new home. And if you’re looking for extra help and support with the moving process, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pure Moving Company for a free quote today! We have experience helping customers move local and long distance, and we would be happy to assist!

Ready to get moving? We will help you every step of the way.

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