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Excellent Reviews
Excellent Reviews

We have the reviews to back up our words. Our customers consistently provide positive reviews, so you know we can be trusted to handle your moving services in Miami.

Exceptional Customer Service
Exceptional Customer Service

We provide exceptional customer service, with our trained and friendly professionals available to answer any questions you may have. We take pride in making sure the entire process goes smoothly

Fully Insured
Fully Insured

Our services are fully insured, so you can feel secure knowing your possessions are in the right hands. Our comprehensive insurance plan ensures complete protection and peace of mind throughout your move.

Kate M.
Los Angeles, CA
Kate M.
254 friends
407 reviews
Elite '2016
  • Everything arrived perfectly intact, including my shiny upright piano.
  • No surcharge for said piano, which isn’t exactly light.
  • We have a small dog that was really stressed out by the move and whined a lot, but the guys were really sweet to her and didn’t say anything about the added noise.
Alli P.
Los Angeles, CA
Alli P.
342 friends
91 reviews
Elite '2016

While I had an immense ammount of crap to move, they were very accommodating as they boxed, moved, and unpacked while still remaining pleasant even though I’m sure they wanted to hit me with their moving truck. Great experience, great moving company!

Rafael D.
Rafael D. La Puente, CA
Rafael D.
1509 friends
287 reviews
Elite '2016

The best part about everything is that they beat the time that was estimated to me. The packing day did take the full day, but the move was done 3 hours faster than anticipated!!!

Couldn’t have asked for a better service! I certainly recommend them to anyone looking for movers that actually care for what they do!

Nazar B.
Los Angeles, CA
Nazar B.
26 friends
138 reviews
Elite '2016

This movers were so professional and made things so effortless and as pain-free as possible for a move! They got the job done under the estimate and I felt like we really had a quality and honest company behind it.

Naomi P.
Los Angeles, CA
Naomi P.
21 friends
17 reviews

All in all, both times were VERY stress-free moves....the hubby and I even had time to enjoy dinner/drinks in our new neighborhood by the end of the day! We hope we don’t have to move again anytime soon, but if we do, we know who we’re calling!

Freeman W.
Seal Beach, CA
Freeman W.
7 reviews

These are PROFESSIONAL movers. They were actually amazing to watch because they worked great together, did such a speedy job wrapping things and were gentle with all my stuff yet were total studs when it came to the heavy stuff. Oh, and did I mention they were nice, polite, well groomed, and ALWAYS said please and thank you?

Chanel P.
Los Angeles, CA
Chanel P.
50 friends
48 reviews

They did it with ease, and left. After hearing plenty of moving horror stories (I used to work in the moving business), I can safely say that if you’re moving residential and local, these guys are almost the price of a uhaul rental, and to boot: you don’t have to lift anything.

Garri T.
Burbank, CA
Garri T.
91 friends
26 reviews

Overall my moving experience was AMAZING!!! I actually enjoyed the process I thought I was going to hate it.

I would recommend anyone to use Pure moving company and I would recommend the team that I had to work on your move.

Lisa K.
Yorba Linda, CA
Lisa K.
1001 friends
23 reviews

My experience with Pure Moving Company was simply.... GREAT. I have used many different moving companies in my life time, probably more than the typical person. So I know what I’m talking about when dealing with movers. Many try and take advantage of you whether through pricing or time. But I didn’t feel that at all with Pure Moving Company. They are straight forward, no BS.

Kent S.
West Covina, CA
Kent S.
25 reviews

At the end, all my furniture was where it exactly should be, all my clothes hanged in my closets, all my boxes distributed just the way I wanted.

Hopefully I will never have to move again but if I do I will call Pure Moving!

William L.
Los Angeles, CA
William L.
443 friends
89 reviews
It was the biggest move of our lives and the calm part was the move itself! thanks to these guys. Best movers around here!
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Moving in Miami
Main office
150 SE 2nd Ave, ste 339, Miami FL 33131
Mon-Fri: 8 am — 9 pm
Sat-Sun: 8 am — 8 pm

Services we offer at this location
  • Full-service home or business relocations
  • Professional packing & unpacking
  • Local moving assistance
  • Long-distance relocations
  • Safe furniture transfers
  • Express and same-day moves

Miami, Florida, is a place with a vibrant culture and beautiful beaches that attract residents from all walks of life. Miami is known for its fast-paced lifestyle, and time is of the essence. Whether you are relocating to trendy South Beach, family-friendly Coconut Grove, or the bustling downtown area, navigating vehicles down narrow streets, high-rise buildings, and parking restrictions can be overwhelming and a daunting task. That’s why you need to count on your local movers in Miami to make the relocation a breeze.

Pure Moving knows the ins and outs of Miami’s neighborhoods, ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer of your belongings and avoiding any logistical headaches. We have expertise in residential and commercial services and top-of-the-line equipment to handle your belongings carefully, protecting them from mishaps or weather-related damage. So, whether you are relocating within Miami, moving an office across town, or moving across the country, you can trust that Pure Movers will streamline the whole process, providing you with a stress-free experience.

Contact our experts today for a personalized quote and experience the difference a professional moving service makes. Let us handle the heavy lifting while you enjoy the sunny side of Miami!

Services From Your Movers in Miami

Pure Moving Company is the leading local company in Miami, Florida, because they understand relocating is a stressful experience. But we are here to take some of the load off.

Our experienced staff provides comprehensive home and business relocations with flexible solutions tailored to meet your needs! We offer many services with a good attitude and a smile, ensuring every interaction with our customers is top-notch. From local, long-distance, or everything in between, we can offer a range of options for all your relocation needs. Don't let your relocation be stressful— let us take care of all the heavy lifting. Some of the ways we offer high-quality care are through our services:


Not every move is long distance. Sometimes you relocate just around the corner from your old place. A great neighborhood can't be beaten, and if you're happy with your local scene, you may just need to hire us to help with a move into another nearby building. Though local moves don't require as much travel, they still require all of the same steps as a long-distance move, including packing, loading, careening furniture around tight corners, and so on. 

Pure Moving Company is Miami's premiere local moving service, offering a team of professional movers. Miami movers provide top-tier relocation services, focusing on efficiency and customer care. We take great pride in offering swift packing, furniture disassembly, transportation, and delivery without compromising quality or safety. When you are looking for short-distance movers, Miami can count on our team. From apartments to businesses, big moves or small—Pure Moving Company has your back!


Planning for a long-distance move can be nerve-wracking. Long-distance moves are considered any move in which you are traveling over 400 miles to get to your new home. Whether you're moving to the other side of the state or an entirely different state, having your ducks in a row when it comes to planning, packing, and driving can help calm your nerves. 

Your long-distance relocation is in good hands! Our skilled Miami movers specialize in transport across state lines and ensure that everything from fragile items to your clothing is carefully packed, secured, and delivered safely. We offer competitive rates and a range of services to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible. We take care of all the details, so you have one less thing to worry about when you are moving. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our exceptional services in long-distance moving!


As a business owner, you're under a lot of pressure with your daily operations. Organizing the move of your business is just one more thing you don't have time for. Don't panic, just get in touch with our movers, Miami! 

Relocating your business doesn't have to be a headache! Pure Moving Company offers professional commercial relocation and moving services tailored to meet your needs. We provide unrivaled customer service, attentive care, and precision. Whether you're transferring an office or warehouse or doing a corporate relocation—rely on our team of dedicated movers. Miami professionals from Pure Moving Company can handle the job, enabling you to enjoy a hassle-free transition with our commercial moving services!


Moving homes means organizing, packing, and transferring a lifetime of belongings. Just the thought of packing up a single room in your home can be overwhelming, let alone an entire house. You'll need ample bubble wrap and boxes, along with furniture pads, dollies, and a boatload of patience and time. Let us help make the process easier. We offer a full moving service to wrap, pack, load, transport, and unload your belongings from your old residence to your new one.

Make your residential move a breeze with Pure Moving Company! Our trained movers understand the nuances of relocating homes and will go the extra mile to ensure that your belongings are securely transported. We provide solutions and offer services that meet your budget and timeline. Rely on our professional team for an easy transition into your new home.


Apartment moving comes with its own set of challenges. While the items you can fit into an apartment may be less than what you can fit into a house, apartments are notoriously difficult to move in and out of. First, there's fitting furniture through tight doorways. Then, there's navigating large boxes around corners and hallways. And finally, you have to do it all over again, backward into your new place!

Apartment moving doesn't have to be a hassle - let the experts at Pure Moving Company help! We understand that when you're relocating from an apartment, there are often space constraints and other potential challenges. Our team is trained to work around obstacles, ensuring your move goes smoothly. From elevators to stairs, we’ve done it all. No job is too big or too small for our team of professionals.


Military relocations may be short-term, but they may be for many years. We offer flexible services and great recommendations to help you transport what you need and store what you don't. We can assist with transporting any non-needed furniture to your preferred storage service while getting what you need for your new home.

Pure Moving Company ensures our services for military moves will make relocation a breeze for our dedicated military customers. We provide comprehensive assistance in military transfers, from carefully packing and shipping your belongings to providing necessary documents and completing paperwork. Our specialized staff is trained in the regulations specific to Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force relocations. Your time is valuable, so let us handle the specifics.


Celebrity moving is the ultimate solution for high-profile individuals who need to relocate. Pure Moving's luxury services come with personalized services and a special care touch. We pay attention to every detail and ensure an efficient transition for our high-profile clients.

With expertise in domestic and international moves, we guarantee an unparalleled experience, offering an attentive approach unique to our industry. Our experienced team follows strict confidentiality and discretion practices, ensuring we protect your privacy while maintaining our professionalism in packing your items and wrapping furniture—providing a safe and secure move is our top priority.

Seniors Moving

We recognize that senior citizens often have unique requirements. We offer specialized solutions to make the process as comfortable as possible for our older clients. We also understand that time is often an issue, so we prioritize speed and efficiency while treating specialty items and possessions with proper care and utmost respect.

Not every senior has the help of their family when it comes to sorting through belongings and packing. Let us give you a helping hand instead. Our full-service moving options allow us to help with wrapping delicate items, carefully packing your belongings, providing all of the supplies you need to move, carrying boxes to and from the truck, unpacking, unwrapping, and more. 

Furniture Moving

Moving furniture is one of the hardest parts of moving. Whether you've already transported your other belongings to your new home or are giving your couch and loveseat to a friend, we can help. 

We provide a full range of services, including packing, loading/unloading, secure delivery, and installation. Our skilled team is dedicated to helping you with all your furniture transferring needs. With our safe, steady, and timely approach, we guarantee you'll have a pleasant experience. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Same Day Moving

We understand that a lot can happen just before you're set to move. Whether you booked with an unreliable moving company in Miami or forgot to book one, we've got your back. 

Pure Moving offers unbeatable same-day services. Our team takes the utmost care to protect your items and pack and load them safely. We offer competitive rates, customer support, and quick turnaround times. Whether down the street or across town, Pure Moving will complete your services in record time – no stress, no mess! Call us today to learn more about the quality of service we offer, no matter the move you make!

Full-Service Moving

There are many different bits and pieces and factors to consider when it comes to moving. Transporting your belongings to your new home is just one step. You must also consider where you will source packing materials such as boxes, tape, furniture pads, and bubble wrap, and then you need to factor in the time it will take you to pack, load, and unload your boxes—not to mention how you'll carry furniture from your old residence and into your new one. 

Our full-service moving option takes care of all of the above. We alleviate the pressure of needing to plan out every single part of your move. The best part? All it takes is one call with our valued team. During your consultation, we'll get to know the details of your move and your needs before providing a no-obligation quote.

Packing Services

Sometimes, all you need help with is packing, which is often the most time-consuming and stressful part of the moving process. You may have scheduled a truck, or you may own a truck! If you have every other part of the moving process planned but simply don't have time to pack, let us help. Our experienced movers in Miami will carefully wrap and pack your belongings, leaving you more free time to do other, more important tasks. 

Full-Service Movers: Miami Can Rely On Pure Movers For The Whole Process

Make it simple with Pure Moving Company's full-service moving package! Our team will take care of all steps involved in the entire process of your relocation, from packing and loading to transportation, unloading, and furniture assembly. We will handle your belongings with the utmost care, ensuring they are safe and secure throughout the process. Furthermore, as part of the full service, we offer the following:

  • Inventorying

  • Sorting

  • Labeling all objects

  • Packing service using our packing supplies

  • Securely loading and unloading clients’ items

Our team utilizes premium quality materials for maximum protection. You can rest assured that your possessions are in good hands with us!

Rely on our professional Miami moving company to ensure the entire moving process is seamless from start to finish. Contact us to learn more.

Count Our Pure Moving Company: Your Professional Expert Movers Miami

Whether you're relocating across Miami city, to a new city or state, or even internationally, our professional crew from Pure Moving Company is here to provide the best service and ensure the process is simple. With decades of experience in the industry, we guarantee satisfaction from our exceptional customer satisfaction.

Pure Moving Company offers all the services necessary for a seamless transition to your new place! We go above and beyond to ensure the process is quick, efficient, and hassle-free. Our services include:

Free, accurate, and transparent estimates

With detailed quotes in hand, our customers can plan in advance and with confidence. We understand that time is crucial in moving, so we are dedicated to delivering quality services on time and within budget.

Careful packing (and unpacking) services

When you choose Pure Moving Company, careful packing and unpacking services are included in our standard hourly rate. Our trained staff take extra care to ensure all your belongings are packed properly so they arrive safely at their destination. We also offer special techniques for packing delicate items such as fragile glassware and antiques.

Always-on-schedule moves

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. We guarantee always-on-schedule moves to ensure you can settle in quickly without any delays. Our skilled team members handle all packing and unpacking tasks with utmost care so that your possessions arrive safely at their destination on the agreed-upon date.

Fully inclusive pricing without hidden fees

We strive to keep everything transparent and straightforward, with no additional costs or surprise additional charges. Our fully inclusive pricing includes affordable prices for all standard moving services with no extra fees added on afterward, so you know exactly what you're getting beforehand.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We know how important it is to provide excellent service in every job, and we always strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers. That's why we guarantee satisfaction with every client that hires us.

The Sunshine State has so much to offer, from lush green parks to vibrant urban centers. No matter where you're headed in Florida, Pure Moving is here to help you get there quickly and safely. We are proud to be a full-service company with a wide coverage area in Miami, FL, and beyond. We work hard to ensure availability in and beyond the following regions:

Relocating doesn't have to be a hassle. Let the experts at Pure Moving Company take care of the details for you with our local, experienced movers. Miami movers will make relocating easy, convenient, and stress-free. Call today and request a free quote.

Professional Movers: Miami FAQs

Are There Cheap Movers In Miami?

Moving can be sneakily expensive. When you factor in moving supplies, a truck, and movers by the hour, all priced out individually and purchased separately, the costs sure can add up! While we do offer separate services, we also offer full-service moving that bundles all moving elements together for your convenience.

Take a look at our rates! We include the cost of all of our moving supplies within our flat rate. We have options for rates with 2, 3, or 4 movers per hour, which include the following:

  • Free use of Blankets & Moving Pads

  • Free use of Wardrobe Boxes

  • Loading / Unloading services

  • Free shrink wrap and tape

  • Assembly / Reassembly services

  • Packing / Unpacking services

  • Tax & Basic Insurance

  • Included Dollies, Tools & Straps

We also offer our trucks for a flat rate fee per customer--not by the hour! We understand how stressful moving can be, and we don't want to add to your stress. When searching for affordable movers, Miami can count on Pure Moving to offer comprehensive, competitively priced services, all with your budget in mind. We are a top-rated company and available locally, ready to help when you need us most!

Are Your Movers In Miami Licensed And Insured?

Absolutely! At Pure Moving Company, we prioritize the safety and security of your belongings. All of our staff are fully licensed and insured, providing peace of mind throughout the process. When searching for the best movers in Miami, it's important to choose a company that is licensed and insured. Those who aren't may not be legally entitled to work in the state, nor will they have met all of the requirements set out by Miami state to offer moving services. As for insurance, a moving company without a decent policy isn't one you want to hire.

How Do You Book Movers In Miami?

Booking is quick and easy. You can reach out and talk to one of our friendly customer service agents or through our website. Our friendly staff will guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and assist you in scheduling your move according to your desired date and time. During this process, we'll get to know your needs and moving details and will provide you with a quote. 

Do You Have Any Extra Charges With Your Movers In Miami?

No! We believe in transparency and provide upfront pricing to our customers. There are no hidden charges with our company at Pure Moving. We will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive estimate based on the specific details of your move, and the final price will clearly be outlined in your contract. We know how upsetting it can be to see unexpected fees on your final bill—especially at the end of what can be a very stressful, difficult, or emotional process. When choosing our dedicated movers, Miami can trust that there won’t be any surprises or unexpected fees.

Is There Anything That Pure Movers Can’t Move?

While we strive to accommodate the majority of our customer's moving needs, there are certain restrictions on our movers. Miami movers can’t deal with items that can't be transported due to safety regulations or legal restrictions. These items may include hazardous materials, perishable goods, live animals, and items of exceptional weight or size. Our team will provide guidance and recommendations on how to handle such items, ensuring compliance with regulations and the safety of your relocation.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book Movers in Miami?

We recommend booking as soon as you have your dates confirmed or at least 3–4 weeks in advance for our professional movers. Miami services are in high demand, especially during peak seasons, so booking in advance ensures availability and allows us to adequately prepare for your services. However, we understand that sometimes they can happen unexpectedly, so we will do our best to accommodate last-minute bookings whenever possible.

From Chaos To Calm With Our Movers: Miami Will Simplify Their Moving With The Pros From Pure Moving

With licensed and insured professionals, upfront competitive prices, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Pure Moving company is your go-to choice for a smooth transition, no matter the distance. From residential to commercial moves, we have you covered.

Ready to experience a seamless and stress-free move with our movers? Miami residents and the surrounding areas can contact Pure Moving Company today to book their trusted services.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. Let our expert team handle every aspect of your relocation with our movers in Miami. Your hassle-free move starts here!