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Experienced Movers Long Beach

Welcome to Long Beach! As one of the most famous cities in a county full of famous cities, Long Beach boasts some incredible amenities that range from world-class museums and entertainment venues to a wide array of shopping options and, of course, beautiful beaches.

When you decide that you should move from your present apartment to a bigger one or even to a new house, your life could possibly become stressful. There are various things you will need to ponder. Do you have the necessary amount of boxes? Will anything smash? Have you forgotten anything? Will a small moving truck be offered when I ask for one? These are only a few of the factors that are in your head when you’re considering hiring Long Beach movers.

There are many things to contemplate when moving. Rather than stressing about each little thing, why not hire professional movers? Long Beach, rest assured that your best option for experienced movers is Pure Moving Company. Call 323-916-4206 today to plan the essential part of your relocation!

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Services From the Movers Long Beach Can Count On

Whether you’re moving to, from or within the Los Angeles area, our Long Beach moving company offers all the items and services you request or need for moving homes. Our services are available to make your move as trouble-free and rapid as possible. There’s no reason to stretch out the time of your move. Let our moving staff help and get it done for you rapidly. Our certified Long Beach movers are prepared to help with everything you may need, offering a wide range of services. Whether you are in need of a truck driver or want us to pack all of your belongings for you, we’ll handle it. Regardless of why you contact our movers, Long Beach staff at Pure Moving Company are geared up to assist with all your needs.

Here is more information on the moving services we provide in the Long Beach area and beyond.


Residential Moving

Our homes are unique expressions of our individual personalities, styles, tastes and lifestyles. Since no two homes are exactly alike, it’s safe to assume that no two residential moves will be exactly alike. Whatever your residential move entails, the expert team at our Long Beach moving company has the skill, expertise and training to get it taken care of efficiently and carefully.

Apartment Moving

Narrow hallways, tiny elevators, winding staircases, street parking only—anyone who has lived in an apartment knows all too well that there are some major challenges involved in getting all their belongings into or out of an apartment. If you’re moving to or from an apartment or both, you need the help of our reliable apartment movers. Long Beach residents, new or old, can count on us to know exactly how to navigate the challenges of apartment moves.

Commercial Moving

Picking up an entire business and moving it to a new location can be a big hassle that business owners would often prefer to avoid. But it doesn’t have to be that way with the assistance of our commercial movers. Long Beach office moves are a breeze with our experienced business relocation team on the job. From cubicles and desks to specialized equipment and electronics, we’ll get it all moved and make sure you can get back to business as soon as possible in your new location.

Long-Distance Moving

Are you moving from the West Coast to the East Coast or anywhere in between? Long-distance moves are a lot to handle, but our team gets it done by always going the extra mile. We have plenty of experience with long-distance moving, and you can rely on us to keep you updated throughout the entire process, so you know precisely where your belongings are and can count on them arriving at their destination at the designated time.

Local Moving

When you’re moving from Long Beach to a different part of Long Beach or a nearby city such as Torrance, Anaheim or Huntington Beach, you still need experienced, efficient services from qualified movers. Long Beach residents can trust our team to make sure their local move goes off without a hitch, whether it’s to a new neighborhood or just down the street.

Full-Service Moving

What if moving was convenient, easy and handled for you from start to finish by licensed movers? Long Beach moves can be all of that and more when you call the experienced professionals at Pure Moving Company. Packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking services are all part of our full-service moving packages, so you can relax and focus on more important matters while we take care of the work.

Seniors Moving

We understand that seniors may have different needs than others when it comes to moving, and our qualified Long Beach movers are committed to ensuring that senior citizens experience a safe, efficient, easy move. Our reliable team is focused on the details, and we are proud to offer seniors the same care and attention we would want for our own treasured family members. Long Beach seniors can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their furniture and other belongings will be handled gently and delivered on time to their new home.

Celebrity Moving

It’s no secret that Southern California is home to many people who have achieved celebrity status, and relocation stress can be a huge hurdle for those individuals as they’re forced to consider the possibility of their privacy being invaded by fans, the press and disrespectful movers. Long Beach celebrities never have to worry about that happening when they choose our team. Our Long Beach movers are respectful, discreet and professional at all times, regardless of who’s belongings we’re handling.

Military Moving

Military personnel and their families are familiar with frequent deployments and relocations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need help from reliable movers. Long Beach military moves are no problem for our experienced Long Beach moving company. We take pride in providing comprehensive moving support for members of the military and their families.

Same-Day Moving

Time is always important during a move, but it becomes critical when you’re forced to undergo a same-day move. Whether you didn’t know in advance that you’d be moving or you scheduled services from another moving company that let you down at the eleventh hour, you can rely on effective same-day services from our skilled movers. Long Beach residents, we’re here to help—even at the last minute!

Furniture Moving

While there are a lot of parts of a move that people can carry out on their own, furniture moving calls for the help of experienced movers. Long Beach professionals at Pure Moving Company have decades of combined experience with furniture moving, including awkward pieces or delicate antiques, so we know how to maneuver your furniture correctly and get it where it’s going fully intact and without a scratch.

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Well reviewed and highly trusted

Thousands of positive reviews online on Yelp!, Google, and Angie’s list speak for themselves — you are in the right hands!
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We really care!

We truly care that much. Not just about your stuff, but also about making your last day in your old home as good as your first in the new one.
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First class customer service

We are here to help with any question that may arise before, during and after the move!
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Moving is almost FUN!

We believe moving shouldn’t be stressful — What?!? With us it’s almost FUN!
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Fully Insured and Licensed

The California Public Utility Commission licensed Pure Moving, so you know our office moving services are cost-effective and safe. We also carry full liability to protect everyone involved in your move.
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Friendly Pro Movers

Our movers are professionally trained and will guarantee a smooth transition to your new place!
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They were fast, respectful with my items, and patient. They asked me where I would like my items and did not rush me. They did a good job!
R White from Los Angeles Movers
Elijah and his team were amazing! They contacted me when they were on their way and showed up at the time they promised. They were professional and so helpful. Definitely recommend them and their services. Thank you!!!!
Laura Calleros from Los Angeles Movers
The crew was great! They were quick and efficient and made the move the easiest of me I’ve ever done! Thank you!
Nikki Bear from Los Angeles Movers
I would highly recommend pure moving company for any of your moving needs! I had to make multiple stops for pick up and drop off! It was all done efficiently and professionally! They took great care when handling my belongings!
Jane Giess from Los Angeles Movers
Pure Moving is wonderful, and couldn't recommend them more. They were very communicative in the lead up, and Oleg and Dima were fantastic on the day of my move. Very efficient and careful moving all my furniture and belongings from a 2nd floor and to a 3rd floor apartment. I will definitely be using this company again in the future.
Alex Reed from Los Angeles Movers
Great services! I recommend it!
Loredana Sterescu from Los Angeles Movers
Movers were communicative and arrived on time. They were super fast and packed everything wonderfully. Couldn't have asked for a better experience for moving into our new home.
Matthew Sitton from Los Angeles Movers
Incredible moving company! Denny and his team made my move across the state very quick and painless. I didn't have to worry about a thing and all of my items showed up in tact and undamaged. I'd highly recommend this company for any moves and will definitely be calling them if I need to move in the future.
Swetha Sriram from Los Angeles Movers
What a great experience! Max and his team worked so hard to get us into our new place as quickly as possible. They literally NEVER. STOPPED. WORKING. They somehow managed to get my platform bed out of my room without having to take it apart. And got my couch out through the front door (when I bought the couch I couldn't figure it out and had to take it through the window). They are magicians. There are a lot of moving companies and I did a ton of research. Don't hesitate. These guys are it.
Steve Vitolo from Los Angeles Movers
Great job done by the crew at Pure Moving. They patiently put in a hard day's work and moved us from our apartment in KTown to our new home in Panorama City!
J. Blakemore from Los Angeles Movers
Very fast and took great care of all of our precious items. Very professional and would highly recommend Pure Moving's services!
Matthew Robinson from Los Angeles Movers
This is the second time we’ve used this company and we’ve had good experiences both time
Chase Smith and Michelle Kim from Los Angeles Movers
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Pure Moving Company

About Pure Moving

After years of experience, we are always expanding our services to meet the needs of current and future customers. Our transparent pricing coupled with excellent customer service delivers a positive moving experience for clients who can rely on our expertise to safely and efficiently transport their belongings.

Moving can be seamless and simple with us. No matter the size of the move and no matter the distance of the drive, we are equipped to support our customers on any level of service. If you’re asking where I can find professional movers near me, look no further. You’ve found a trusted team of professionals in us.


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What to Expect From Our Reliable Movers: Long Beach

Are you looking for experienced, trustworthy movers? Long Beach residents can trust our team to provide dependable, full-service moving. We do not just give you the best rates on packing equipment and various types of moving trucks, but we are also prepared.

The staff at our Long Beach moving company arrives at the move with maps of where you instructed them to go and information on how to move different varieties of belongings when there are hurdles involved. Due to this, you won’t be troubled about any of your furniture getting smashed while being transported to and from the vehicle. If desired, we also give support with packing, which means our staff will come to your address and pack all of your equipment. We also check that each box is labeled and packed with comparable items. This makes it much easier to unload because you’ll already know what is in each individual box.

So what can you expect from our movers? Long Beach residents should expect the very best! Our services include:

  • Completely free, transparent, accurate estimates, so you are able to make an informed decision about how you want your move to be handled
  • Experienced, efficient and careful packing and unpacking services
  • Commitment to always staying on schedule to get you out of your old place and into your new one without stress or hassle
  • Assistance with finding the right storage services and facilities, if needed
  • Inclusive services (including packing!) at our standard hourly rate with no extra fees or hidden charges

If you have some questions or are in need of our services, feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer service reps at 888-503-2824. They are nearby to be of assistance in answering your questions or scheduling a service appointment.

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Areas We Serve

We are a Los Angeles moving company with offices located in surrounding cities in Southern California, for example, in Culver CityEl Segundo and Encino. Some of the many areas we serve in the Los Angeles region are:



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Do You Charge By the Day, Even If It Only Takes a Few Hours?

Many companies today will have you pay for a full day or a half day even though moving may not take this long. Here at Pure Moving Company, our prices depend on the services you request. If you need help with both packing and moving to your brand-new home from our experienced movers, Long Beach professionals on our team will only base our hourly rate on the number of objects we are moving and packing. That way, you can rest assured that you’ll only have to pay for what we do for you.

How Do Your Packing Services Work?

Most people don’t exactly enjoy moving, and the part they dread most is, of course, the packing. Looking at an entire house or apartment full of belongings that need to somehow get packed up and shipped out can feel very overwhelming, especially when you have no idea where to even begin. That’s where our reliable Long Beach movers come in. We are practiced at packing, so we always know where to start, and we’ll follow our tried-and-true process to the end for great results. The steps we follow are:

  • Consult with you about what you need help with and how you’d like it done
  • Work with you to inventory all your belongings on a master list that we can refer back to
  • Single out heavy, fragile or otherwise special items that may require additional work or caution
  • Show up at the scheduled time to get started, along with boxes, tape and all the other packing supplies we’ll need
  • Carefully and efficiently pack everything, including padding or wrapping delicate items to ensure they’ll make the trip in one piece
  • Find the best options for storage facilities if you need to store some items away from your new location
  • Sort moving boxes into the right rooms at your destination to make unpacking much easier

Many moving companies charge extra fees for packing services, but that’s not the case when you call our Long Beach moving company. We charge the same hourly rate for all our services, including packing, with no hidden charges or extra fees tacked on.

What's the Best Way to Prepare for a Move?

There are some preparatory steps you can take care of prior to the day of your move to help ensure everything goes smoothly. All smaller items should be safely stowed in boxes, and it’s important to make sure you put heavy things like books in small boxes, while light, fluffy things like pillows and winter coats can be combined in large boxes. It’s a good idea to complete one entire room before moving to the next and avoid mixing items from various rooms in the same box. Keep all the kitchen things together in their own box or boxes, for example, and label the box “Kitchen” so our movers know where to place it at your destination.

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