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Experienced Bellevue Movers in Washington

Welcome to Bellevue! From the beautiful parks and natural scenery to a bounty of opportunities in the technology sector, Bellevue residents have it all—and that includes access to first-class services from reliable Bellevue movers. Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be when our local and long-distance movers are on the job.

Are you searching for the most experienced and trusted Bellevue movers? Look no further than the relocation experts at Pure Moving Company! We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and delivering comprehensive solutions that get all your belongings where they’re supposed to go, on schedule and completely intact. Give us a call today to speak with the customer service staff at our top-rated moving company and learn more about our experience with everything from basic moves to the biggest moves in Bellevue and beyond.

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Superior Services From Skilled Bellevue Movers

Most people dread the thought of moving, and some will even avoid it for as long as possible just because they can’t stand the thought of all the time-consuming work and logistics that goes into a move, not to mention the stress and hassle. As qualified movers in Bellevue, we get it! From packing up everything you own and loading it onto a truck to unpacking at the new destination—which is a process that can take years for some people—there’s just a lot to handle.

Our experienced movers are committed to delivering high-quality moving services, and when you call our team you can rest assured that you’ll have a successful and stress-free move. Whatever you need to make your relocation smooth and easy, our Bellevue moving company will provide it. Our comprehensive relocation services include the following.

Residential Moving

Whether you’ve lived in the same place for decades or you move several times per year, residential moves are usually not much fun. There’s something about sorting, organizing and packing up absolutely everything you own, then watching it get loaded onto a truck and driven away, that causes a lot of stress. It doesn’t have to be that way! Our skilled house movers in Bellevue will help you pull off a residential relocation that is smooth, easy and—dare we say it?—even fun!

Commercial Moving

If residential moves are tough, commercial moves can be even more of a hassle because there’s so much at stake. It’s not just about getting your business moving process sorted out and handled effectively, it’s about making sure you can resume your business operations at your new location in a timely manner and get the revenue rolling in again. Our qualified Bellevue movers are familiar with all aspects of office moving, along with commercial relocation services for other types of businesses, and business owners can rest assured that we’ll get the job done effectively, securely and on schedule.

Full-Service Moving

What if you could move to a new home without having to worry about any part of the moving process—including packing? Pure Moving is a full-service moving company that can make the dream a reality. We offer careful, efficient and thorough moving services that include packing, unpacking, and everything that happens in between so you can sit back, relax, and keep your mind on other matters while our skilled full-service movers take care of all the hard work that comes along with relocation.

Same-Day Moving

In a perfect world, you’d be able to book your move six to eight weeks in advance and have plenty of time to get everything in order before moving day—but we don’t live in a perfect world, and sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. If you find yourself in a situation where you need assistance with a last-minute move, give our dependable Bellevue movers a call. We’ll get there as soon as we can to get your belongings loaded up and transported to their new destination quickly and efficiently.

Local Moving

Whether you’re moving on up to a new neighborhood in Bellevue or just moving across the street, you need reliable Bellevue movers who understand this area and all the challenges it can present for a local move. We know this city like the backs of our hands, and we understand all the unique challenges that can come with getting from point A to point B. You can count on our Bellevue movers for a secure, on-time local move, whether you’re moving across town or just one block over.

Long-Distance Moving

On the other hand, you may be either moving to Bellevue from elsewhere or waving goodbye to Bellevue and moving on to new horizons. Either way, you can rely on our experienced interstate movers to get you from state to state or city to city without headaches. Long-distance moves can be especially nerve-racking, and we’re here to ease the pain with thorough, dedicated long-distance moving services that always go the extra mile. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process so you know exactly where your stuff is at all times and when it’s due to arrive at its destination.

Apartment Moving

If you’re moving to or from an apartment building, or both, you’re probably all too aware that apartment moves can come with their own set of challenges that just don’t exist in other types of buildings. That could include narrow hallways, winding staircases, limited elevator use (or no elevator at all), street parking only—the list goes on and on. When it comes to our team of apartment movers, Bellevue residents can count on us to have the skill and expertise to navigate all those obstacles smoothly and get your relocation completed on schedule.

Seniors Moving

Seniors often have concerns or relocation needs that may differ from a typical move, and our team of Bellevue movers are the ones who can be trusted to meet or exceed all expectations by treating your belongings with the utmost care to ensure all your items are safe and secure during your relocation. That includes taking extra care with antique furniture and other delicate items that may not survive the move without the additional attention we provide. Seniors in Bellevue and elsewhere can depend on our team of Bellevue movers to offer the same level of service we would want and expect for our own valued family members.

Military Moving

Military personnel and their families have to move on a regular basis, sometimes multiple times a year, so they know all about the moving process. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need assistance to pull off a smooth and stress-free relocation. If you need to move at the last minute or have other logistical concerns caused by your career, rely on the expert Bellevue movers at Pure Moving Company for a fast, on-time, thorough moving experience.

Furniture Moving

While some people prefer to handle most of their move by themselves, furniture moving is typically the part that pretty much everyone needs a helping hand with. From fragile or awkward furniture to heavy items that need to be lifted by multiple people, count on our Bellevue movers to get it all relocated safely and without a scratch.

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Thousands of positive reviews online on Yelp!, Google, and Angie’s list speak for themselves — you are in the right hands!
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We truly care that much. Not just about your stuff, but also about making your last day in your old home as good as your first in the new one.
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We are here to help with any question that may arise before, during and after the move!
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Our movers are professionally trained and will guarantee a smooth transition to your new place!
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Fully Insured and Licensed

The California Public Utility Commission licensed Pure Moving, so you know our office moving services are cost-effective and safe. We also carry full liability to protect everyone involved in your move.
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Moving is almost FUN!

We believe moving shouldn’t be stressful — What?!? With us it’s almost FUN!
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Excelente job!! Special thanks to : Isa, Biibol and Nuris. We are very happy .
T. Fernanda Sobrino from Seattle Movers
Ahmed and his team helped me move in Seattle and it was a wonderful experience. Very efficient and friendly. Definitely one of the best moves I’ve had!
Eva Beliaeff from Seattle Movers
Bolsun, Alan, Temirlan are great movers. They came early and got right to loading the truck. They also helped me pack the remaining items I wasn’t able to get to. They were personable and professional. I’d highly recommend them.
Alex Pham from Seattle Movers
Andy and his crew were quick and efficient packing , loading and unloading!! This is the second time I used Pure Moving and I’m very happy with their service and highly recommend them!!!
Aya Yamaguchi from Seattle Movers
Ahmed and his team were incredible! They packed everything with great care, moved very efficiently, A+++
Lei Zhao from Seattle Movers
Mischief managed! The guys at Pure Movers were great! Helpful and always making sure they got everything or offering help with anything else that might need to be gotten from the old place or even out back together at the new place. They took apart and put back together my daughter’s bunk bed from IKEA with no problems and made sure they had all the parts before leaving the room! Highly recommend and would use again without question!
Selavy skaggs from Seattle Movers
Worked with Beck. Great team. Very efficient and very easy to work with. Absolutely no complaints. Made a stressful day less so!
McKenzie Lee Will from Seattle Movers
Isa, Biibol, Timur’s team from Pure Moving helped us with our move today. It was great working with them. They are very sincere and meticulous. 5 stars all the way !!
Debashree Goswami from Seattle Movers
They took great care not to damage anything. They are incredibly easy to work with. I would highly recommend these movers.
Randy Johnson from Seattle Movers
Artem, Vilsun and Kamil did an amazing job with moving. They came on time and completed the task in Super fast speed. We are fully satisfied with their service. We would strongly recommend Pure Movers!
Nagarajan Rajagopallan from Seattle Movers
Pure movers was excellent. Booking was hassle free, there were no surprises, and they got the job done very well. They helped unpack and move furniture just the way I wanted it as well. Very professional throughout. Thank you!
Rupak Chakraborty from Seattle Movers
Ahmad and his team were fast and efficient. They showed up on time and communicated well. They took great care of my items and I couldn't be happier.
Kendra West from Seattle Movers
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Pure Moving Company

About Pure Moving

After years of experience, we are always expanding our services to meet the needs of current and future customers. Our transparent pricing coupled with excellent customer service delivers a positive moving experience for clients who can rely on our expertise to safely and efficiently transport their belongings.

Moving can be seamless and simple with us. No matter the size of the move and no matter the distance of the drive, we are equipped to support our customers on any level of service. If you’re asking where I can find professional movers near me, look no further. You’ve found a trusted team of professionals in us.


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Pure Moving is the Best Local Bellevue Moving Company

When you need a reliable, safe Bellevue moving company to take care of your relocation, whether it’s residential or commercial, local or long-distance, you can trust the team of professional Bellevue movers at Pure Moving Company for experienced workmanship and customer service combined with a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. See what our satisfied customers have to say about our movers in Bellevue!

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What to Expect From Our Bellevue Movers

Moving doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, stressful nightmare. We’re moving people in and around Bellevue nearly every day—you may have seen us zipping by in our iconic white and green trucks. When you hire Pure Moving as your trusted Bellevue moving company, what can you expect from our movers? Bellevue customers can rely on us for:

  • Free, accurate, transparent pricing estimates
  • Careful professional packing services at our hourly rate with no extra fees
  • Full-service moves that include all the necessary packing supplies
  • Always-on-schedule moves
  • No extra fees or hidden charges are tacked on to our inclusive prices

We’re not just residential movers. We also offer commercial moving services for local businesses. If you need to hire commercial movers to help move your office or other type of business, we’re ready to help. Business owners love to hire us because we’re fully insured and fully licensed. In addition, we only use our own trucks and our own Bellevue movers, unlike other moving companies that often bring in unreliable help from outside their company.

To learn more about the first-class services offered by Pure Moving Company’s qualified Bellevue movers, book a consultation today! We look forward to the opportunity to show you why we’re the best choice for reliable moving services in Bellevue, WA.

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Areas We Serve

When you need to move in Washington’s Seattle area, the expert Bellevue movers at Pure Moving Company can be trusted to pack, transport, unload and unpack all your belongings with care and skill. We also offer outstanding moving services in other parts of the West Coast, such as northern California and the Los Angeles area.

Here are some of the many towns and communities our professional movers serve in the Seattle region:

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Come Say Hi to Our Friendly Movers in the Seattle Region!

You will be surprised how many boxes we’re able to tick off with just one call. But you are also invited to visit our Seattle office to get started on your moving plan!

Phone: (206) 278-8283

Main office: 1511 3rd Ave, ste 310 Seattle, WA 98101

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Frequently Asked Questions for Movers in Bellevue and Area

Do you have questions you’d like to ask a professional before moving? Bellevue, WA residents can give us a call anytime to speak with our customer service representatives and get all those questions answered. Or, take a look below at our responses to some of the questions our movers are frequently asked by people in Bellevue.



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How Much Do You Charge for Moving Estimates?

Our estimates are completely free and transparent! When you call us to find out more about services from our movers, Bellevue professionals at Pure Moving will start by consulting with you to learn more about your particular relocation needs, including factors such as the size and number of things that need to be moved, along with the destination and other factors that may warrant extra attention. Next, our Bellevue movers will offer you a completely obligation-free estimate for your move so you have the information you need to make an informed decision about the right moving company in Bellevue. You can count on our accurate, free moving quotes.

When Should I Call to Reserve Bellevue Movers?

In an ideal scenario, the best way to handle it is to call our moving company in Bellevue about three to four weeks before you are planning your relocation day. Our Bellevue movers are in high demand, and moves can require a significant amount of planning and logistics, so that time frame gives you the opportunity to take care of preparation while, at the same time, we’re able to ensure we’ll have the available manpower to make sure your move goes off without a hitch.

However, we all know that we’re not always living in a perfect world. There may be situations where you can’t call us that far in advance. While we may not be able to guarantee we’ll be able to provide moving services on the same day you call us, we’ll make every effort to ensure you get the same-day moving assistance you need so you can get a fresh start in a new location.

Do You Charge For Lunch Breaks and Other Periods of Downtime?

We do not charge our customers for the breaks taken by our movers. Bellevue relocations add up to a lot of hard work, so it stands to reason that we do need to take the occasional break to rest or eat, but we stop the clock the minute we stop working and don’t start it again until we’re ready to get back at it. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re not being charged for a single minute that our Bellevue movers spend on lunch or rest breaks.

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